Huggaby, here it is!

A good drawing is better than a long speech.

(And there’s a speech on top…)


I’d like to take a few minutes to better introduce you to Huggaby. As I told you last week, is a baby bathtowel that changes parents’ lives. I understand this type of statements requires a few more explanations and details. 

Bath time is more often than not something parents don’t really enjoy for a few reasons.

The first one is the fact that walking around in a wet environnement with a fragile newborn doesn’t feel very inspiring.

The second one is that as we’re focused on trying to convey some comforting feeling to our newborn (while we’re actually not that safe at all) we’re constantly overwhelmed by the fear we might forget something (like the towel). Which happens quite often.

The last reason is that even before our babies start to enjoy splashing water all around the bathtub wiping off a baby while keeping oneself a bit dry is just a practical conundrum.
That’s why we need Huggaby.

Our towel is designed so you can attach it around your neck just like an apron. And its hood waits for our baby’s head to nestle in

First thing, unless we hide our soap in a safe, we can’t forget anything. We got our baby and Huggaby. 

Then as we put on the towel we immediatly feel baby won’t slip anywhere as we hold him within the cocoon of the towel. This is the moment we can start to focus on what bathtime is for. Bonding and sharing a unique moment of calm and love with our babies. 

As for the issue of splashes and water all over our chests, I don’t need to draw a picture. We’re now ready to face splashes and drops like knights faced swords and spears. 

But there is more, Schtork is about making both parents’ lives easier. It’s about design but it’s also about nature. We spent a while looking for the best textile and selected this. It’s a 100% organically grown cotton. They harvest it by hand, yeah. The entire production process is certified by GOTS which basically guarantees the lines in the factory only process organic cotton. It also guarantees demanding social and environmental norms are in place. 

So, what you get is the best of design made of the best of nature.
That’s basically a product we’re proud of.

Four days left before our Kickstarter campaign starts! Counting on you!

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