Parents’ tips, It’s a section entirely dedicated to the small tips that make parents’ lives easier. 

This section is the result of experience, discussions and collaboration with field specialists. It basically aims at adressing young parents’ questions as they leave the maternity ward (even sometimes a bit before). When a child comes, parents typically have to deal with stodgy quantities of advices that makes us feel more often than not quite lonely when we’re back home with our babies. That’s part of the adventure. But there’s room for improvement. 

Our notes have not been written to tell you what’s good or bad. In many cases, these notions follow trends and patterns that are of little help when we try to understand the way our children behave and interreact. Our aim is to give you some useful tips you need everyday. You may cherry-pick whatever sounds relevant to you and your family and leave the rest. 

We focused on the issues where we felt our experience was te most useful, be it daily childare, the questionable joys of waking up 3 times every night, nurturing fathers, the best fabrics, childcare devices, early child development…