The 4 steps to properly use an apron towel
How to put on an apron towel?

What is an apron towel?

An apron towel is a baby bath towel parents put on while attaching a strap around their necks. The towel hangs from the neck on the belly while the lower part reaches the knees. From the parent point of view the towel looks like an apron and it shares the same function as it keeps water from wetting their clothes during and after the bath. Most existing models embed a hood designed to cover the head of the baby when he leaves the bath.

How to put on an apron towel ?

You may be standing or crouching depending on where you undress your baby and where the bathtub stands. Apron towels are convenient to hold your baby from the changing table to the bathtub while keeping her warm.

1- fasten the strap around your neck

2- take your baby into your arms when undressed

3- fold the lower part of the towel up on your baby’s back to keep her warm and safe

4- bring your baby to the bathtub.

Parents should support the weight of their baby at all times. This may sound quite natural but for safety reasons you should keep in mind that an apron towel is not a baby carrier.

Different brands offer different ways of

How to wipe my baby with an apron towel ?

Keep your apron towel on during bath time so splashes don’t wet your clothes. When the bath is over, bring your baby back into your arms while your chest is covered with the towel. Support the weight of your baby for safety. Fold again the lower part of your apron towel on her back while adjusting the hood over her head. You can tenderly wipe your baby while she rests on your chest and enjoy some bonding time with her.

What are the advantages of an apron towel ?

The apron towel design appeared on the market at the beginning of the 2000’s. This clever move changed the lives of so many parents that many companies decided to add this product on their catalogue. For many (bad) reasons though, this brilliant (from a parent’s perspective, we would even say disruptive) innovation has remained rather confidential in spite of its numerous advantages.

1- Safety: most young parents don’t feel very comfortable handling a wet fragile baby in a bathroom. Apron towel minimizes risks as parents keep both hands free at all times, during and after bathing. When bath is over, parents can raise their baby out of the bathtub and take her into their arms while their chest is protected from water.

2- Comfort: parents’ lives isn’t easy. We have to handle many things sulmutaneously and we may easely lose some focus. Which is the reason why the first source of parents’ stress when bathing their child is to forget something. And in many cases, the first item they miss when they need it is… the towel they left in the changin room. It’s difficult to forget an apron towel, because it hangs around your neck.

3- Efficiency: apron towels keep your hands free. That’s a big advantage when you wash and handle a newborn. And it’s also a big advantage when you wipe her because you can wrap her without holding the towel.

4- Empowerment: in many families both parents are involved during bathtime, precisely to avoid any incident. This starts to be very demanding if you have the chance to have older children around in the house. Apron towels improve safety so one parent is enough to bathe a baby.

5- User experience: sometimes to do some things, you just need the right gear. You’d feel more comfortable around a volcano with some aluminium-coated suit. Well, apron-towels are basically the same thing for bathing a child. After hundreds of customer testing reviews and discussions we can claim that putting on an apron towel makes parents feel much more comfortable when they bathe their baby.

Why at Schtork, we give you more?

At Schtork, we add up a few more valuable and unique features so bathing time becomes a truly enjoyable experience with your newborn. Our range of apron towels is called Huggaby.

6- Organic

7- convenient – hood in the middle

8- extra-soft

Why can’t I easely find apron towel in my childcare store ?

There are many reasons why finding an apron towel in your daily childcare shop isn’t so easy.

1- The first problem is design-related. If you check around, you’ll see that 99% of towels you may find in shops, even bath capes, are square or rectangular. Apron towels have no standard dimensions because some cutting and sewing are necessary for the hood. And this is not easy because weaving terry cloth (that’s the technical name for towels) isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

This is actually one of the reasons why most apron towels on the market feature a hood on the side and not in the middle of the towel where you’d typically expect to find it. The reason is that producers manage this way to keep the overal shape of the towel close to a rectangle.

2- The second reason is