Schtork is the story of a bet.

It started some spring evening a few years ago in Alsace, France. A stork, “Schtork” as they call the bird in the local dialect, just nested on a roof closeby. They were young parents and well, as all young parents, they mostly were talking about their newborn. And the conversation slightly took a different direction. 

She told him fathers did’t take care of newborns because they don’t know how to do.

He said it was not a question of “how”, rather a question of tools.

OK, fathers can’t breastfeed and there is no reasonable way to set it aside. Fathers though can do a lot when it deals with babies and they are sometimes quite eager to do so. The thing is their needs questions and doubts about newborns are almost never addressed by the industry. If someone somewhere just started to…

Et voilà! Challenge accepted. Since that day he works hard everyday to win the bet. Join the challenge!

By the way he knows how to change nappies bathe clean bottle-feed entertain newborns without supervision…