A Schtork is born

So here we are.

A story about a stay-at-home dad starting up his company in the midst of diapers and dolls spread all over the floor



After one year of hard work, 1.500 diapers changed for my young son and countless rehearsals of Snow White with my elder daughter, I can officially announce the launch of our company.

Let me introduce, . What is it all about ? What did we do ? Where are we going ?

Last things first, let’s answer the last question. We’re going to kickstart our first product in 2 weeks on the 22th of September. It’s called , and it’s great. So please save the date. If you aren’t familiar with crowdfunding I’ll brief you very soon don’t worry.

What did we do ? What the hell is Huggaby ? Huggaby is a baby bathtowel that changes parents’ lives (for those who hardly ever saw a child, please click here). Wait wait wait, I see your frown, it means something like : « How is that possible ? ». I know, I saw those eyebrows move quite a few times, you aren’t the first people I talk to about Huggaby. And indeed, it looks simple as any good piece of design should be. But it still changes parents’ lives. Believe me and as most people who have ever had a newborn in their arms, you won’t be disappointed.

Now what is this Schtork all about ? Schtork is the story of a bet and it’s a product philosophy.

The main question around that bet was to envision the design of childcare products taking both parents’ needs into consideration. Why should it be ? Because almost all childcare products are designed for Mums. So that doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for nipplecream. That sounds far more questionable if we talk about anything that doesn’t deal with breastfeeding. And this fact has consequences we deem undesirable in the way both parents can project themselves in parenthood.

So here we are.

That’s it for my first newsletter. Remember remember the 22nd of September. Feel free to talk about it share it or comment on it while visiting our website. I’ll give you more details about Huggaby in a week!

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